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About us

Akriel started as a family venture in 2014: each of the founders possessed an individual skill to take create something unique and to take it to the next level. Akriel’s misson is to make teaching and learning algebra more efficient and more fun for everyone. Based on reviews, we can say that we’re on the right track.

After a successful round of private investment in 2019 Akriel is going international, helping students worldwide.

Sandor Nagy

  • CIO
  • Founder, owner
  • Program architect and development

Gergely Nagy

  • CEO
  • Founder, owner
  • Founder of the mathematical solver algorithm and creator of the explanation technology.

Marton Nagy

  • CXO
  • Founder, owner
  • Application design and development

Kristian Werderits

  • COO
  • Investor, owner
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