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Equations 5.

Here, there will be some equations with fractions that can be traced back to expanding brackets, which we had learnt in the previous chapter.
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Equations 5.

Simplifying with the common factor:
If there are some common factors in the terms on both sides of the equation, we divide the equation with the common factors. Hence, we simplify the equation with the two factors.
Multiplication across with the denominator:
If there is a fraction on one side of the equation; we multiply the equation with the denominator of the fraction. Hence, the denominator is moved to the other side as a factor.
Simplifying with the common denominator
If the fractions on both sides of the equation have the same denominator, we multiply the equation with the common denominator. Hence, the equation is simplified with the two denominators.
Multiplication across with the denominators
If there is a fraction on both sides of the equation and the greatest common divisor of their denominators is 1, we do not find the common denominator of the fraction but multiply the equations with both of the denominators. Hence, both of the denominators moved to the other side as factors.
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